Anne Daniels

“I’m 58, I’m not a disciplined person and I get bored easily. I threw my back out a few years ago and as a result I often walked with one hand on my hip and the other on my back. Pain is a powerful incentive so I spent some time looking for a solution. My fitter friends did boot camps and Crossfit and they sometimes hurt themselves. I didn’t want to do that. I googled “certified trainers” and found Jessica’s website. After reading her description of what she does I could tell that Jessica is someone who is comfortable working with middle aged obese ladies. Bonus! She is close and her studio is small. Bigger bonus! Jessica is extremely knowledgeable and personable. She tailors our sessions to my needs and my fitness level. I enjoy working out and for the first time in my life my core is strong. In fact, I recently moved my father from an apartment to assisted living. I spent two full days on my feet filling boxes, lifting furniture and bending over old trunks. Nothing hurts!” Anne Daniels

Antonella Zompa

“In August of 2010 I started balding, gaining weight, getting anxiety attacks and feeling miserable. The first doctor I went to gave me anti-anxiety pills and told me it was all stress. My job is stressful but I’ve been doing it for the last 25 years. So stress may be a factor, but it was definitely not the determining one.

I continued feeling miserable. In 2012, I met Jessica thru the Women in Business Summit and had a series of nutrition sessions. Her first thought was that I had a thyroid issue. I went to a series of 5 doctors until I got to one that was able to find it and diagnosed me with Hasimoto’s in 2013. With Jessica’s guidance I detoxed but then fell back to similar symptoms. The recent doctor could not help and stated stress as the issue. I reached out to a doctor my friend had suggested. Along with Jessica’s test panel she requested, it was found that I also have hypochlorhydria and CBS in 2014. I’m currently continuing my path to health with Jessica’s help and I’m certain that if I had never met her I would be still sick and miserable.” Antonella Zompa

Daniel Schroll

“Nobody likes the ‘If I can do it so can you’ bio/testimonial story I’m not going to tell you that. I’m also not going to tell you how easy it is to change your life. It’s not. What I can tell you is that if you’d like to make changes in your life that will be reflected not only in your body, but your overall heath Fit to You is the right studio for you. I started training with Jessica well over ten years ago. When we first met I was unknowingly underweight and losing muscle to atrophy. Being hesitant to sign on for personal training was something that went far beyond questioning the cost. I was looking for the right trainer that would understand my specific needs, and be judgment free regarding my abilities. Having Cerebral Palsy this was a key factor. Luckily for me Jessica was up to challenge and has helped me progress farther than I could have on my own.  She worked with me to adjust my dietary needs, and then we started on my physical needs. The road has been a long one for the both of us, but well worth the work. She understood that I am a unique individual and custom fit my plans to meet my progressive goals. I am confident Fit to You has the right people to meet your needs and will ensure your goals are met. I can tell you without question that I am a better person inside and out for being a client. No matter what your goals are, you owe it to yourself to take that first step.” Daniel Schroll