Antonella Zompa

“In August of 2010 I started balding, gaining weight, getting anxiety attacks and feeling miserable. The first doctor I went to gave me anti-anxiety pills and told me it was all stress. My job is stressful but I’ve been doing it for the last 25 years. So stress may be a factor, but it was definitely not the determining one.

I continued feeling miserable. In 2012, I met Jessica thru the Women in Business Summit and had a series of nutrition sessions. Her first thought was that I had a thyroid issue. I went to a series of 5 doctors until I got to one that was able to find it and diagnosed me with Hasimoto’s in 2013. With Jessica’s guidance I detoxed but then fell back to similar symptoms. The recent doctor could not help and stated stress as the issue. I reached out to a doctor my friend had suggested. Along with Jessica’s test panel she requested, it was found that I also have hypochlorhydria and CBS in 2014. I’m currently continuing my path to health with Jessica’s help and I’m certain that if I had never met her I would be still sick and miserable.” Antonella Zompa